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Dustin Whisman: Full Stack Developer

One of few salvageable photos of me from vacation in Switzerland. I'm almost smiling like a normal person.

Hi, I'm Dustin. I'm a web developer at Sparkbox, where I usually write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but I'll mix it up with other languages or native applications if necessary.

My specialty is accessibility (I have a certification, for whatever that's worth), but I'm a problem solver to my core. If there's a weird project with niche technology, I'm happy to jump in there and see what I can figure out.

Recent Projects

  • bvdget

    Side Project

    A money tracking app that I'm gradually building up to supplant my insane financial spreadsheets. Other people could use it too, I guess.

    View Source: bvdget

    • Product Owner
    • Individual Contributor
  • tvOS and Roku App Updates

    Client Project

    Updating an educational organization's tvOS and Roku apps for streaming captioned and described videos. This started with API updates, but shifted to fixing usability and accessibility issues.

    • Individual Contributor
  • Sparkpress

    Open Source Project

    Updating this WordPress starter template to be as easy as possible for developers to use when setting up new WordPress projects.

    View Source: Sparkpress

    • Individual Contributor
  • CMS Migration (Drupal to WordPress)

    Client Project

    Led the replatforming of a university website from Drupal 7 to WordPress. This included building out the theme as well as automated content migrations from their old system.

    • Tech Lead
    • Individual Contributor

Recent Pictures of Cats

Collection of the most recent pictures of my cats, Goose and Barry.