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These are the projects I've worked on recently, both for clients and as personal side projects. I've done way more stuff, but almost everything before 2021 is behind authentication or lives on intranets. Bad news for fans of B2B logistics applications…

List of projects, from 2021 to now

But what did I do?

As a more experienced developer, I end up wearing different hats on different projects. I've indicated my role(s) for each project, and this what I actually did according to those roles.

Feature Lead
I was responsible for planning a subset of the project's overall work. This usually happens when there is a lot of work to do and enough team members to split between different efforts.
Individual Contributor
I wrote code for this project, usually as part of a team or in the case of side projects, by myself.
Product Owner
I was at least partially responsible for the overall vision of the project, providing feedback and direction for the features that the project needed.
Tech Lead
I was responsible for planning and prioritizing work on the project. That includes making architectural decisions, writing issues/cards/tickets, reviewing PRs, and generally helping to unblock work.