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WAS Notes: WCAG 3.1 Readable

I'm studying for the WAS certification. These are some of the notes I've taken recently.


3.1.1 Language of Page - Level A

The default language of the page can be programmatically determined.

How to Succeed

Use the lang attribute on the html element.

3.1.2 Language of Parts - Level AA

The language for phrases or passages in content can be programmatically determined, except for proper names, technical terms, or made-up words.

How to Succeed

Use the lang attribute when the language changes from the default within the content.

3.1.3 Unusual Words - Level AAA

A mechanism is available for defining words or phrases that are unusual, like idioms and jargon.

How to Succeed

3.1.4 Abbreviations - Level AAA

A mechanism for identifying what an abbreviation stands for is available.

How to Succeed

3.1.5 Reading Level - Level AAA

When text requires reading at an advanced/secondary education level, there is supplemental content or an alternate version available at an easier reading level.

How to Succeed

3.1.6 Pronunciation - Level AAA

A mechanism is available to identify the pronunciation of words where the meaning is ambiguous without knowing the pronunciation.

How to Succeed