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WAS Notes: Web Accessibility Testing with Screen Readers

I'm studying for the WAS certification. These are some of the notes I've taken recently.


Screen Reader Basics

Desktop Screen Reader Combinations

  1. JAWS with Chrome
  2. NVDA with Firefox
  3. NVDA with Chrome
  4. JAWS with IE (still?)
  5. VoiceOver with Safari (macOS)
  6. Narrator with Edge

Mobile Screen Reader Combinations

  1. VoiceOver with Safari (iOS)
  2. TalkBack with Chrome (Android)

Screen Reader Characteristics

Accessibility APIs

Wayfinding and Reading Content with Screen Readers

Screen Reader Modes

JAWS (Windows)

NVDA (Windows)

VoiceOver (iOS)

TalkBack (Android)

VoiceOver (macOS)

Narrator (Windows)

Most Important Things to Know for Testing with Screen Readers